smart qubix™ app




Based on our feature rich web API.

Made more accessible with a simple and consistent design.

Simple Design

Navigation is made easy with our clean and simple layout.

To help users access what they want as quickly as possible, the app uses clear labels to help indicate the expected outcomes.

Intuitive Interface

 Built with a focus on intuitive features and a logical user flow. Tested and modified for stability.

At our blog you can read more on how we revamped the UI to provide a friendlier user flow and see how we came up with user stories to help us fine-tune the UX. If you wish to experience the app for yourself, follow the link to the App / Play Store.

Consistent User Experience

Our app aims to provide users with maximum functionality while minimizing unnecessary screen time.

Grouping related functions together and eliminating unnecessary screens allows users to manage their setup with ease, while being presented with only meaningful information.