Take the guesswork out of growing with the ultimate plant monitoring and control system!

Smart Qubix was designed with the serious grower in mind. The solution allows you to keep an eye on key grow parameters and control your equipment (lighting, irrigation, fans, etc.) based on parameter thresholds or a scheduling interface. In addition, use the solution to access historical data related to your grows, manage workflows and save your parameter settings as plant profiles.

Web, mobile, or offline

Use our intuitive Web interface or mobile apps to keep an eye on your plants anytime, from anywhere, using any device. No Net? No problem! Simply use the Smart Qubix Controller’s touchscreen or your local network to access and use the solution without an internet connection.

Data driven growing

There are many factors that can affect the growth of your plants. Use the historical data for your grow and customized plant profiles and workflow growlogs to repeat your successes and avoid your mistakes.

Monitor and control

In addition to monitoring key parameters, set thresholds for alerts and to control actions associated with your output devices.


To provide flexible, scalable monitoring and control solutions for the dedicated grower.


Smart Qubix is a modular, plug-and-play system that consisting of a controller, sensors, actuators and a robust Web- and mobile-based software solution to help you keep an eye on your garden from anywhere, anytime via your laptop or any Android or iOS mobile device. The system is designed for flexibility and scalability and is therefore suitable for anyone from the DIY hobby gardener to the large-scale commercial grower.

Let’s face it, any type of garden involves an investment of both time and money. The more automation involved, the greater the risk that something will fail. There is nothing more frustrating than losing a crop due to either faulty equipment or unfavorable weather conditions. By providing advanced monitoring and controlling, alerts and reporting tools, Smart Qubix is designed to help you avoid such losses and repeat your successes.

Indoor and outdoor, wired and wireless solutions for both soil and hydro are available now.  Growers gain considerable flexibility to try their hand with new grow mediums and technologies using the Smart Qubix controller and sensors while the solution’s integrated software offers them a customizable dashboard for keeping tabs on key grow parameters, growlogs to manage workflows and access to advanced reporting capabilities.

The Smart Qubix device was developed by Urban Farming Technology BV – a Dutch supplier of electronic products for precision agriculture and is powered by a robust software solution developed and licensed by APPlenty, Inc.





We encourage users to share their data so, as a community, we can develop and learn from each other. Different types of plants have different needs. The data that users collect and share will be a vital resource to help us integrate Artificial Intelligence into the solution and allow growers to get the most out of their plants.

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