Soil Sensor


The smart qubix™ soil sensor is a satellite unit which can be connected via hardwire or wirelessly to the controller using the ZigBee Gateway.

Product information

The unit consists of the following sensors:

    • Soil moisture
    • Soil temperature

Soil Moisture Sensor

The smart qubix™ soil moisture sensor is a simple breakout unit for measuring the moisture levels in soil and substrate materials. The soil moisture sensor is easy to use. The two large exposed pads function as the sensor probes and act as a variable resistor. The higher the moisture level of the soil, the better the conductivity between the pads resulting in a lower resistance and a higher SIG out.

Soil Temperature Sensor

This sealed digital temperature probe precisely measures temperatures in wet environments using a simple one-wire interface. The DS18B20 provides 9 to 12-bit (configurable) temperature readings over a one-wire interface and consists of only one wire (and ground).

  • Satellite unit smart qubix™ system
  • RS485 serial communication
  • Zigbee wireless communication
  • Sensors:
      • Temperature sensor (max. 5)
      • Moisture sensor (max. 5)